Selportrait_Clara Pampolini

Clara Pampolini was born in Milan, Italy – where she received a strong knowledge in art history and specialized in practicing traditional arts like drawing, painting and sculpting from attending the Art School.

Having graduated with a BA in Media Design at NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (New Academy of Fine Arts) in Milan, she is well-equipped with the excellent knowledge of a wide range of film-related subjects. They include scriptwriting, cinematography and editing, to both traditional and digital animation, music videos and as well as audiovisual performances.

In order to follow her love and aspirations for digital animation and live action cinema, she enrolled herself with Bournemouth University (UK), specializing in visual effects and compositing on the MA Digital Effects program where she continued to hone her artistic abilities and breed strong technical skills as well.

Now she works as Freelance Compositor and 3D Generalist using Nuke and Houdini as main softwares.



  Mail_logo  clara.pampolini@gmail.com     |      Phone_logo   +39 347 3831539

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